High Alkaline Foods - The Secret to a Strong Immune System

                High Alkaline Foods

Did you know that high alkaline foods can improve your health condition and strengthen your immune system? Our body is made up of both acid and alkaline substances, thus our body ph is measured based on the acid-alkaline ratio.

The normal pH of a human body is at 7.4. Now this ratio can either increase or decrease depending on our lifestyle. To maintain good health, we need to keep our body's acidity at a much lower level than our level of alkalinity. Unfortunately, our body pH balance can be destroyed by an unclean lifestyle and bad eating habits.

Yes, the food we eat can either be alkalizing or acidic. Foods with alkaline content will also leave alkaline residue in our system while the exact opposite happens when we consume acidic foods. Instead of leaving alkaline-ash, these leave acid-ash or acid residue in our system. If what you frequently eat is acidic, it only follows that your body will be acidic as well.

Nature has provided us with so many choices of high alkaline foods. Examples of these are papaya, melons, watermelons, celery, broccoli, watercress, green beans - just to name a few. We can be glad that practicing a healthy diet doesn't have to be boring. We can choose from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to sustain our pH balance. As long as we eat more alkalizing foods, we can get rid of excess acid and toxins in our system.

Along with the acid-alkaline diet, we can strengthen our immune system by avoiding highly acidic products such as artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, liquor, artificial fruit juices and carbonated drinks. We must also protect ourselves from exposure to toxins in our environment such as gasoline fumes, air fresheners, insect sprays, and smoking.

Take note that second-hand smoking is even more toxic than first-hand smoke. Even if you have quit the habit, if you're frequently exposed to people who smoke, you are also in danger. Last but not least, engaging in regular exercise or physical activity is just as important in boosting our immune system.

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